Result of Survey on Negative Campaign Signs

Results from our survey on anonymous negative campaign signs indicate that a majority think they should not be allowed, but that they will increase the likelihood of voter participation, and may swing support to those targeted by the negative attacks. Comments provided a healthy dose of perspective to point out that while anonymous negative campaigns are frowned upon, they are protected by the First Amendment.

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Jacobs Engineering Has to Go

Since its inception, the City of Johns Creek has outsourced city functions to CH2M Hill, since acquired by Jacobs Engineering. That “start-up” relationship is now 13 years old. Who realizes the value of that relationship? Not the residents of Johns Creek. It’s time that Jacobs Engineering is shown the door.

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Jones Bridge Road Widening Returns

After being deferred in late 2018, discussions about widening Jones Bridge Road have returned. Public Works has requested approval to move forward with a traffic study and engineering designs at a cost of $50K and $150K respectively. A proposed “compromise” approach seems set to seal the fate of that road to becoming 5 lanes between Waters Road and State Bridge Road.

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