about Preserve johns creek

Preserve Johns Creek was established in 2016 by current City Councilman John Bradberry with an objective of engaging the community in order to protect the suburban residential character of our city.  As a resident-driven and focused organization, Preserve Johns Creek has taken a leading role in helping to organize residents on topics ranging from the protection of an historic African American cemetery, working to reduce the impact of billboards, opposition to proposals for higher density development, and advocating for solutions to traffic congestion without resorting to wholesale road widening.

As of January 2018, the leadership responsibilities for Preserve Johns Creek transitioned to a new team led by Ed Thompson (for more about Ed, click here).  That team has renewed the organization's goal of protecting our community, clarifying the mission statement for Preserve Johns Creek to Communicate, Educate and Advocate on behalf of the residents of the city.  Recognizing that informed and engaged residents are our best assets, we invite you to follow us, join us, and become involved.  Together we can Preserve Johns Creek.