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Petition to deny Rezoning requests RZ-18-006 & RZ-18-007

Rezoning requests have been submitted to develop several parcels along State Bridge Road west of Johns Creek High School.  A total of 23.594 acres of land would be developed to include 138 townhomes, 22 stacked townhomes, and 48 quadruplex residences.  At a total of 208 residences, the resulting density of 8.82 units per acre is dramatically higher than established adjacent residential neighborhoods.  Other concerns include the negative impacts to traffic that will be created by additional trips along one of the most highly congested roads and proximity to the most highly congested intersection in Johns Creek; the impacts of the loss of canopy that will result from the clear-cutting that will be required to develop this highly wooded area; and the effects of stormwater due to increased impervious surface area that will occur so close to our namesake Johns Creek.  More details here.

Additional information from the September 13, 2018 Public Input Meeting:

  • There are NO plans to age-restrict the developments

  • Townhomes will be 3 or 4 bedrooms with NO master on main floor

  • The “stacked” townhomes are configured with one unit occupying the first two floors, and another unit on top of the first occupying the third and fourth floors. All access is by stairs

This petition requests that officials DENY concurrent rezoning requests RZ-18-006 and RZ-18-007.

At this time, our petition is closed. Please consider attending the Johns Creek City Council Meeting on November 26, 2018 at 7:00 PM where our Mayor and City Council will make their decision regarding these cases.

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