Jones Bridge Road Widening Returns

After being deferred in late 2018, discussions about widening Jones Bridge Road have returned. Public Works has requested approval to move forward with a traffic study and engineering designs at a cost of $50K and $150K respectively. A proposed “compromise” approach seems set to seal the fate of that road to becoming 5 lanes between Waters Road and State Bridge Road.

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Residents Weigh-In

Residents make some key points related to Public Works’ designs for State Bridge Road/Medlock Bridge Road, and associate road widening proposals. Concerns for business interests appear to carry a higher priority that the interests of residents and neighborhoods.

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Public Works Serves Up Red Herring

The extent of proposed widening of Medlock Bridge Road north of the intersection with State Bridge Road is partially based on redefining a little used driveway as an intersection. Hope you like red herring - heaping servings are being dished out by our Public Works Department.

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What Kind of Community Do We Want?

Johns Creek City Council voted 4 - 3 to direct City Staff to develop a fourth option for consideration for the intersection at Medlock Bridge Road and State Bridge Road. Several suggestions were noted that the majority felt would help deliver needed improvements while seeking to minimize impacts to adjacent neighborhoods.

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