Johns Creek's Rapidly Disappearing Pastoral Landscape

Views of current development projects after clear-cutting land in Johns Creek

Construction sites and development projects continue apace in Johns Creek.  Despite the fact that we have a widely acknowledged issue with traffic congestion, our city leadership has not taken a stand to control projects that contribute to that problem, as well as adding additional demands on city services and schools.  Instead of recouping those costs driven by development through the assessment of Impact Fees, the costs associated with time lost to traffic, city services, and schools are passed on to the taxpayers of Johns Creek.

Johns Creek has earned a reputation as being "developer-friendly".  The Comprehensive Land Use Plan established zoning standards that are meant to protect the city from rampant development, but developers are regularly granted variances to zoning restrictions that undermine the very rules that were established to prevent the outcomes that negatively impact residents and visitors alike.  With each variance granted, a new precedent is set that future development requests cite to seek justification for their requests that do not meet existing zoning standards.

This situation stands in stark contrast to the concerns of residents who experience diminishing quality of life impacts.  It's time we expect and demand that our elected officials shed the "developer-friendly" reputation, and replace it with a "resident-friendly" approach.  With an updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) currently in the works, perhaps we'll find that we have zoning that will be better positioned to protect the character of our city, and the quality of life for our residents.