Georgia Native Plant Society Rescue Schedule

One of Johns Creek’s most under-recognized assets is affectionately known as Momma Nature. Carole Madan is a retired Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, Retired Landscaper, and Poet/Writer. She is a regular fixture at City Council Meetings, and consistently advocates for the preservation of our natural environment. Take a few minutes to watch her video from the “I Am Johns Creek” series, and enjoy the tip she provides below.

As a member of the Georgia Native Plant Society, I would love it if you could figure out a way to get this information out to the public in Johns Creek. I can no longer go on these saves but I've been on many in my lifetime and they are so rewarding. Right now you can get Goldenrod and Asters FOR FREE saving incredible native plants and bringing in wonderful pollinators. 

The butterflies are counting on us! 

See what you can do. 

Thank you so much,

Momma Nature


The October rescue schedule is now on the website. We’ve got 6 rescues on the calendar; we may add a pop-up or two later. Now is a great time to rescue some of the late-blooming perennials like goldenrod and asters. You can also rescue trees and shrubs, but be sure to keep them watered as October can be a dry month in Georgia.

For rescues, be sure to bring plenty of water for yourself and your plants - it can be hot! You can find the scheduled rescues by following these steps:

Go to the calendar (page forward to October if needed):

Select the rescue and fill out the RSVP form.

Incorporating local native plants into your landscape is a good way to support local critters as well as save plants from the bulldozers. We hope to see you on a rescue soon!

GNPS Rescue Team

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