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Where do our Elected Officials Stand on a Millage Rate Rollback?

We submitted a survey to our elected officials to get their input on support for a millage rate rollback.  Three of our representatives responded: Post 3-John Bradberry, Post 4-Chris Coughlin, and Post 5-Stephanie Endres.  All three support a millage rate rollback.  The remainder of our elected representatives chose not to respond: Mayor Mike Bodker, Post 1-Lenny Zaprowski, Post 2-Jay Lin, and Post 6-Steve Broadbent.  Due to reader requests, we re-opened the survey to provide another opportunity for those who did not respond to allow them an additional chance to respond before closing the survey at 5:00 PM on May 11th, 2018.  At the close of the survey, we did not receive any additional responses, though Post 1 Councilman Lenny Zaprowski did communicate that he is happy to discuss the matter personally with residents who may contact him via email ( or via his cell phone at (470) 201-8597.

Where do You Stand on a Millage Rate Rollback?

Having provided the opportunity for our elected officials to weigh-in on 2018 property taxes and a millage rate rollback, we have created a survey to allow our residents that same opportunity.  The button below will allow you to provide your input on how you want our elected officials to respond to dramatically higher property value assessments.  Do you expect them to keep the millage rate the same as it was for 2017, do you expect them to roll back the millage rate with the intent of creating an aggregate net-neutral property tax obligation, or do you have any different suggestions?

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