Planning Commission Denies Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment

City resident comments during the June 5th Johns Creek Planning Commission Meeting

The Johns Creek Planning Commission heard resident comments regarding a proposed Text Amendment to Johns Creek Zoning Ordinance Article XXVIII Section 28.2.  In effect, deletion of this text would allow a developer to resubmit a proposal that was previously denied without requiring any significant changes to the proposal.  The re-submission would have a waiting period of 12 months.

If approved, the deletion of this text would have significant negative consequences for residents in the balance of power held by developers in the rezoning process.  A detailed explanation of those consequences was published in a recent guest post by Johns Creek resident David Neuringer.


The text amendment proposes to delete the language in Article XXVIII Section 28.2

The Planning Commission voted unanimously to deny the text amendment request.  That decision becomes the recommendation provided to the Mayor and City Council, who will make the ultimate decision of whether to keep the current language, or move to delete that portion of our Zoning Ordinances.

As noted by many attendees at the Planning Commission meeting, a move to delete the text in Article XXVIII Section 28.2 will negatively impact our residents, while providing more opportunities to developers.  Our Planning Commission voted to support our residents.  Will our Mayor and City Council accept their recommendation and side with the residents, or will they grant new opportunities to special interests?  Our residents are watching to see where our elected officials stand on this matter.