Debunking Road Widening Myths #2 - Will Adjacent Municipalities Widen 141?

The widening of Medlock Bridge Road/141 through Johns Creek is considered a Tier 1 T-SPLOST project, and is therefore given high priority.  The widening of that thoroughfare will forever impact the suburban residential character of our community.  We're told that it's something we must do to address our traffic congestion problem, but that surely must mean that those municipalities to the north and south of us will also be widening their portions of 141 - otherwise we'll simply be sending more capacity to already existing traffic bottlenecks.

Let's start to the north of Johns Creek, in Forsyth County.  We're told that the rapid development in Forsyth is the major source of increased volume that contributes to our road congestion.  Does Forsyth County have any plans to widen 141?

The answer is no - Forsyth County has no existing plans to widen (or re-stripe additional lanes) on 141 under their Transportation Bond project list, or their SPLOST project list.  If Johns Creek proceeds with plans to widen Medlock Bridge Road/141, northbound traffic will be forced to merge back to two lanes at the Forsyth County line at McGinnis Ferry Road.

Let's look to the south of us toward Peachtree Corners.  Does Peachtree Corners have any intention of widening their portion of 141?  Peachtree Corners Comprehensive Transportation Plan does provide for six lanes, however they don't have plans to do so until sometime between 2032 - 2040.  At a minimum of $75MM plus (current estimate), and 15-20 years in the future, there is effectively no plan to widen 141 in Peachtree Corners that would allow us to avoid a southbound bottleneck beginning at the Chattahoochee River.

We have been told that the widening of Medlock Bridge Road 141 is not a done-deal, that our City Council has the ability to change those plans, or walk away from them if they are not in our best interests.  Under the circumstances, the headlong charge into widening Medlock Bridge Road/141 through Johns Creek seems ill-advised and poorly coordinated with adjacent municipalities.  If we proceed with this plan, we will concurrently harm our premier suburban residential character, and ensure even more congested traffic along the road that goes through the heart of our city.