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Residents Speak Up

Residents are speaking up about concerns with the rezoning requests to build 208 townhomes, stacked townhomes, and quadruplexes along already congested State Bridge Road near Johns Creek High School. See one resident’s letter to City Staff, and learn how you can join others in our community as we speak up about decisions that will shape our city for decades to come.

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While You Were Paying Attention To The New Comprehensive Plan…

Johns Creek City Council is preparing to consider a change to a zoning ordinance (Text Amendment A-18-001) that would make it easier for developers to re-submit requests that have been declined, and make it more difficult for residents to guard against undesired development efforts. Will our City Council serve the interest of developers over residents?

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Johns Creek's Rapidly Disappearing Pastoral Landscape

Scars in the land throughout Johns Creek.  With each additional development project, we'll be adding to our already difficult traffic congestion problem.  Johns Creek already has the highest population density among our sister cities in North Fulton.  Do we really want more density, more traffic, and more demands on public services?

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