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Debunking Road Widening Myths #2 - Will Adjacent Municipalities Widen 141?

The headlong rush to widen Medlock Bridge Road/141 will run into immediate traffic congestion choke points in Peachtree Corners and Forsyth County.  Are we really proposing to build a wider parking lot for more cars to sit in traffic in Johns Creek while simultaneously harming the character of our premier suburban residential community?

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Debunking Road Widening Myths #1 - Does Widening Reduce Congestion?

There are several myths regarding the efficacy of road widening.  Our own consultants admit (in their work for Forsyth County) that widening will actually INCREASE traffic.  If we proceed with these plans as proposed, the induced volume of traffic will quickly consume the additional capacity, and our congestion problem will be even greater than it is today.

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River Estates and Medlock Area Workshops - Road Widening Opposition

Recent CLUP Workshops for the River Estates and Medlock Areas featured widespread resident opposition to road widening.  City Staff stated that they are seeking feedback in order to adjust the draft plans.  Will they listen and really incorporate the will of residents, or are we simply being led to a pre-determined outcome?

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