Town Hall Focuses On Transportation Issues

A quarterly Town Hall Meeting was held on February 7, 2019, and the vast majority of resident questions and comments revolved around roads, traffic, and projects either underway or proposed. The full meeting is available online here. For anyone seeking to increase their awareness of traffic issues in Johns Creek, the 52 minute video is an excellent primer.

Key Points:

  • The “interim solution” for the Medlock Bridge Road/141 and State Bridge Road intersection provides nearly the same improvement as the far more costly and controversial Michigan Thru-U alternative.

  • There is a need to consider our traffic congestion along travel corridors. The current approach addresses specific intersections that will simply move the congestion point further upstream or downstream.

  • Options under evaluation must consider the impacts in all directions to determine the full effect. An improvement in one direction may cause additional delay in another direction.

  • Evaluations appear to be focused solely on peak travel periods. Some designs may result in delays during non-peak periods, but this does not appear to be taken into account.

  • Assumptions for trip, traffic, and population growth are based on simple models: for instance, assuming a linear 1% growth in trips each year. There is no apparent consideration for induced growth that results from increases in capacity.

Johns Creek’s City Council is expected to consider several road projects this year. Traffic congestion is a primary concern for residents, and decisions made will be expected to provide relief. In the pursuit of that relief, we mustn’t lose sight of the need to maintain the premier residential character of our community.

Road Widening.jpg

There are several opportunities that can deliver incremental improvement without dramatically altering the community. Options include truly synchronizing traffic signals along major corridors; optimizing light timing to align with travel patterns; improving access to GA400 and Peachtree Industrial as alternatives to 141, and addressing intersection bottlenecks. Those options should be explored and implemented before we opt for more drastic measures that would have the effect of establishing a network of highways through Johns Creek. For more context, you can review our Debunking Myths articles here, here, and here.

Ed ThompsonComment