Going in Circles

Johns Creek City Council will hold a Work Session on Monday April 8, 2019. One of the topics on the agenda is a presentation of proposed intersection changes to address operational and safety issues.

City staff developed a list of challenging intersections, many of which were identified in the updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan. As part of the FY2019 budget, City Council funded an intersection prioritization study to consider different forms of intersection control. Options included right turn lanes, left turn lanes, new traffic signals, and roundabouts. The three major factors considered when identifying and prioritizing intersections were:

  1. Safety Concerns (weighted at 50%)

  2. Need for Traffic Calming (weighted at 20%)

  3. Need for Operational Improvements (weighted at 30%)

A total of 41 intersections are identified and prioritized. A full 35 of those intersections may be destined for new roundabouts.

City Staff seems to have a preference for roundabouts in their list of intersection improvements

If you’re not yet familiar with traversing roundabouts, you will be in the not-too-distant future.

Ed ThompsonComment