Property Taxes Reduced in Johns Creek

Johns Creek City Council Approved Property Tax Reductions for 2019

Johns Creek’s City Council voted unanimously to approve a property tax millage rate reduction at the August 19, 2019 City Council Meeting. The millage rate for 2019 was set at 3.552 mills per $1,000 of assessed valuation. That compares to a rate of 3.842 in 2018. The rate reduction of nearly 8.2% is estimated to collect $16 million in property tax revenue for the city, and represents a $2 million reduction.

The other component of property taxes in Johns Creek is for Parks Bonds. That rate was reduced as well, from 0.500 mills in 2018 to 0.391 mills in 2019.

The city has provided a useful exemptions calculator to help verify your 2019 property taxes. You can find that calculator here.

Check Your 2019 Tax Bill Carefully

The Fulton County Tax Commissioner issues and collects the annual property taxes for Fulton County and the City of Johns Creek. When reviewing that bill, be aware that due to timing issues, the 2019 Tax Bill sent from the Tax Commissioner’s office did not include information for Johns Creek. An updated 2019 Tax Bill will be sent to Johns Creek property owners, and the city will not be charged for sending the updated documents.

Fulton County Property Taxes are due for payment by October 15, 2019. Johns Creek Property Taxes are due for payment by October 31, 2019.