Laying the Foundation for Three Lanes on Medlock Bridge Road

Johns Creek’s Public Works department has made a request to GDOT to re-stripe Medlock Bridge Road with a reduction in lane width from the current 12-foot width to 11-foot wide lanes. This request is being positioned as a “traffic calming” measure, and precursor to a request to GDOT to approve reducing the speed limit from 55 MPH to 45 MPH on Medlock Bridge Road throughout Johns Creek. The reduced speed and increased distance from the outer edges of the road would conceivably reduce road noise during off-peak hours.

Public Works authorized a study by Wolverton & Associates to justify the design variation (the variation being the reduction in lane width). As part of that study, a table of accident type and frequency was provided to document recent incidents.

Further analysis by Wolverton indicated that the requested design deviation is actually expected to INCREASE accidents by 3% over current levels.

This design deviation request appears to be moving forward without the review or approval of the Johns Creek City Council. While Public Works typically operates with a measure of independence, this request would seem to meet a level of importance to warrant the input of our elected officials for several reasons:

  1. The requested design deviation, while positioned as a traffic calming measure, is projected to result in an INCREASE in accidents along our most heavily traveled corridor.

  2. Previous efforts to increase the number of lanes on Medlock Bridge Road have consistently relied upon reducing lane width from 12-feet to 11-feet.

The requested design deviation extends for the entire length of Medlock Bridge Road through Johns Creek - from the Chattahoochee River at the south end to McGinnis Ferry Road at the north end.

The foundation to add lanes to Medlock Bridge Road is being put in place with this request, and even before a third lane can be added, we should expect to see more accidents.

Is that a decision that works in the interest of our community?

View or download the Wolverton memo here.

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