Johns Creek Planning Commission Vote Unanimously to DENY RZ-18-006, RZ-18-007 and Concurrent Variance Requests

The Johns Creek Planning Commission has voted unanimously to DENY the high density housing development rezoning requests (see more details on the requests and potential impacts here) that would be built on State Bridge Road just west of Johns Creek High School. The two related requests (RZ-18-006 and RZ-18-007) have been the subject of intense resident concern since being proposed in late summer. City Staff presented the highlights of their report that likewise recommended denial of the requests (Staff Report for RZ-18-006 and RZ-18-007) and their concurrent variances. The developer that has submitted the rezoning requests (The Providence Group) was represented during the Planning Commission Meeting by their legal counsel. Opposition to the requests was data and fact-based, with references to the 2008 Comprehensive Use Plan (the guiding document under which the requests will be evaluated since they were submitted prior to the approval of the new 2018 Comprehensive Land Use Plan) as well as the governing zoning principles of Georgia’s Steinberg Act.

The next step will be consideration of the rezoning requests by the Johns Creek City Council. Our Elected Officials will be presented with the Staff Reports as well as the recommendations of the Planning Commission. The City Council is not bound to concur with those recommendations, so resident vigilance must remain high throughout the process. The meeting is scheduled for Monday November 26, 2018 at 7:00 PM at Johns Creek Municipal Court at 11445 Johns Creek Parkway, Johns Creek, GA 30097.

Residents interested in expressing their opposition to these rezoning requests can take some important steps in the interest of preserving our community:

  1. Sign the residents’ petition available here

  2. Encourage your Johns Creek friends and neighbors to sign the petition

  3. Attend the City Council Meeting on Monday November 26, 2018

Join us as we work together to protect the best of our community and Preserve Johns Creek.