City Public Works Outsources its Job to......Residents?

The City of Johns Creek recently posted a message on local social media under the title, “Have you seen potholes in Johns Creek? Let us know!” A more appropriate title would be, “Who HASN’T seen potholes in Johns Creek? Submit your nomination for the biggest road hazard!”

Potholes are inevitable, and the amount of rain this year has exacerbated the situation. While it’s appreciated that the City has provided information to inform residents how they can report a service request, it begs the question: why aren’t the city Public Works crews out proactively addressing the current poor state of our roads? The prevalence of potholes along our thoroughfares isn’t a mystery, and yet very little repair activity is apparent.

Negligence in maintenance activities isn’t just isolated to city roads. GDOT is responsible for the maintenance of several major thoroughfares as well. The poor state of Medlock Bridge Road/SR141 is a prime example. The city’s social media post notes that SR141 is scheduled for repaving later this Spring. In the meantime, local residents will have to sharpen their obstacle course driving skills while we all await what should be routine maintenance responsibilities to be fulfilled by Johns Creek Public Works and GDOT.

Ed Thompson1 Comment