Where do Your Elected Officials Stand Regarding Potential Property Tax Increases in Johns Creek?

The Fulton County Board of Assessors is in the process of informing property owners that valuations are going to rise in 2018.  The increased values are multiplied by local millage rates to determine the taxes due from each property owner.  Johns Creek officials must decide whether they will adjust millage rates to keep overall city property taxes neutral, or whether they will allow existing millage rates to stand resulting in a tax "windfall".

We asked our elected officials if they would commit to reducing the millage rate to offset increased property values.

Preserve Johns Creek Survey submitted to Johns Creek's elected representatives

Three of our elected officials responded: John Bradberry (Post 3), Chris Couglin (Post 4), and Stephanie Endres (Post 5).  All responded consistently with their positions as candidates, with commitments to support efforts to reduce the millage rate to offset property value increases.

The rest of our elected officials did not respond: Mayor Mike Bodker, Lenny Zaprowski (Post 1), Jay Lin (Post 2), and Steve Broadbent (Post 6).


John Bradberry - Post 3:

Will you personally support a millage rate rollback in Johns Creek so that city property taxes do not increase?
Yes.  The rollback rate should be the rate from which the City starts, thus ensuring that an increase in the digest is revenue neutral. If a Council member thinks that an increase in taxes is necessary, then the need for such an increase should be fairly and openly presented. Johns Creek residents are intelligent, reasonable people. I’m confident that if a persuasive case for why more revenue is needed, then a majority of Council members and the residents would get on board. Johns Creek can truly be the exception (and an example) with a no backdoor tax increase policy.

Chris Coughlin - Post 4:

Will you personally support a millage rate rollback in Johns Creek so that city property taxes do not increase?
Yes - I'll support a reduction beyond the rollback as well.

Stephanie Endres - Post 5:

Will you personally support a millage rate rollback in Johns Creek so that city property taxes do not increase?
Yes - Government overall does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.  Instead of looking at expenses to eliminate waste, redundancy in process, or unnecessary expenditures, it is easier to look to the taxpayers to pay more.  Government believes it is owed a percentage of the growth of the property owners' investment EVERY YEAR and if the value grows, the size and scope of government grows by shear amount of additional taxes paid.   Private home assessed values have been increasing annually and last year’s debacle demonstrates a flawed system.  Yet commercial property has remained constant which means the property tax burden continues to be held by the home property owners.  The assessed values are increased inconsistently property to property so an overall millage rate reduction to ensure the overall tax receipts received by the City of Johns Creek remains constant is appropriate to me.  When the system is not fairly administered, it does not make sense to insert fairness as an excuse to not roll back the millage rate.   

I encourage every homeowner to appeal their property taxes when the bill is received.  If more than 6% of the homeowners in Fulton County appeal, then Fulton County will be forced to throw the digest out and start over.  Maybe then we will receive equity in taxation and fair representation!

We thank our elected officials for their time and consideration of our request, and greatly appreciate the clarity provided by those who took the time to provide their thoughtful response.  We invite our representatives who weren't able to respond to add their thoughts in our comments, and we extend the offer to publish any post they may elect to provide to help clarify their position with regard to Johns Creek's 2018 Property Tax process.