Residents Overwhelming Favor Millage Rate Rollback

We had previously requested feedback from our City of Johns Creek elected officials to determine where they stand regarding a millage rate rollback.  Three City Council members responded with their clear support (Councilpersons Bradberry, Coughlin, and Endres).  One City Council member responded that he was still studying the situation, and would be glad to respond to emails or phone calls from residents (Councilman Zaprowski).  The remaining elected officials declined to respond (Councilmen Broadbent and Lin, along with Mayor Bodker).

We subsequently hosted a survey for residents to weigh-in on the topic.  Not surprisingly, the survey results confirm strong support for a millage rate rollback.

Preserve Johns Creek Survey of Resident Opinion or Millage Rate Rollback

A full 90% of respondents selected the option to roll back the millage rate to an effective revenue neutral level.  There were 5% of respondents that voted to keep the millage rate as it is.  Another 5% selected the "Other" category, but essentially offered additional thoughts on how to keep property taxes flat or even reduced.  A sampling of the comments provided under the "Other" category included:

  • Roll back millage rate (halve or better) to make increase not so outrageous. Some increase is to be expected, but 27-34% is too extreme!
  • Roll back millage rate to below revenue neutral since TSPLOST is now funding a majority of the road capital projects
  • Allow seniors tax exemption from school taxes as does Dekalb, Gwinnett, and Forsyth.

Effectively, 95% of respondents favor a millage rate rollback that seeks to mitigate the effects of the anticipated increase in property valuations that the Fulton County Board of Assessors has estimated will increase in a range between 27% - 34%.  Failing to roll back the millage rate is a tax increase.

We know that at least three of our elected officials stand with Johns Creek property owners.  Will the rest join them?  It's clear that their constituents expect that they do so.

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