Community Survey on Traffic Congestion at State Bridge and Medlock Bridge Road

Johns Creek held a quarterly Town Hall Meeting on Thursday May 2, 2019. Discussions touched on several different topics of local interest. The item that generated the most conversation was related to the recent presentation of concepts meant to address traffic congestion through the intersection at State Bridge Road and Medlock Bridge Road/SR 141. Questions were raised regarding the proposed concepts, and the extent and length to which they promote the widening of Medlock Bridge Road.

The most recent efforts to reduce traffic congestion involved tuning of traffic light timing, and the elimination of a pedestrian island on the northwest corner of the intersection near the BP Gas Station in order to allow for three lanes through the intersection. Two residents at the Town Hall Meeting commented that with those changes, traffic through the intersection had noticeably improved along State Bridge Road and Medlock Bridge Road. With that improvement, they questioned whether the additional concepts under consideration had taken new results and data into account. Council Member Bradberry noted that an agenda item was expected to be added to the next City Council Work Session to be sure that all relevant information is considered, and appropriate options are identified prior to any decisions being made.

A related point was noted about the survey developed by City Staff seeking input about the concepts that were presented to residents at the Public Input Meeting. That survey asked participants to vote for their preferred alternative without allowing for any other options than those presented by Staff. This is the same approach that city residents had seen in surveys developed by consultants during initial development of the updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan where options were limited to those that had little support from the community. This false choice was seen as a way to promote “support” for pre-ordained solutions desired by those who developed the survey, while eliminating any opposition or other preferences. To this point, the City Staff survey still only allows for the selection of the three concepts presented.

With the observation of some residents that traffic flow has improved at State Bridge Road and Medlock Bridge Road and the upcoming discussions in the City Council Work Session, we wanted to provide another opportunity for the community to have their say. We’ll publish the results of the survey below in an upcoming post.