Survey Says....Traffic Flow has Improved

We recently hosted a survey to ask readers whether they felt that recent changes at the intersection of Medlock Bridge Road and State Bridge Road have had any impact on traffic congestion. Those changes included adjustments to the timing of traffic lights, and removal of a pedestrian island in order to re-purpose what had been a right turn only lane to allow for three lanes through the intersection. More than half of respondents (52%) indicated that those changes have improved the flow of traffic.

While this survey cannot be presented as statistically accurate, it certainly provides a set of perspectives that can help understand the viewpoint of those traveling through this intersection.

Respondents were provided the opportunity to add free form comments. The full set of comments is provided below. The comments are relatively consistent with the distribution of responses to the primary question, and help to provide more context to the options selected by respondents. To be clear and in the interest of complete transparency, no edits were applied to any of the comments. Note that one of the comments may be considered offensive, and we do not condone the tone or sentiment of that comment.

Further changes are under consideration for the Medlock Bridge Road/State Bridge Road intersection. When City Staff was questioned whether the effects of the latest changes were quantified and considered while developing new intersection concepts, the response was that those effects have not been included.

Johns Creek’s City Council will be making decisions about further changes to this intersection. Good fact-based decisions should be based on quantified data and facts. Unless we consider those facts, we risk making decisions that may not achieve the desired results while simultaneously causing potential harm to our community’s residential character.

Ed ThompsonComment