Thank You, Johns Creek!

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen and all Residents of Johns Creek,

The Home Owners Associations of Cameron Forest, Cameron Parc, DoubleGate, Glenhurst, Medlock Bridge, and St. Ives all wish to thank you for your help in the efforts to deny high density rezoning requests along State Bridge Road.

By signing the petition to deny the proposed development on State Bridge Rd. next to Johns Creek High School, we were able to show the Mayor and City Council Members that a group of 3,129 individuals came together to keep the beauty, character, nature filled, healthy lifestyle we all moved here to enjoy, to raise our families, where we have the best schools in North Fulton, Fulton County and the State of Georgia, to protect one of our largest assets - our home values, and to seek a common sense solution for the homeowners who seek to sell their land. 

We aren't against development. We are seeking intelligent, prudent development that will help the city, county and state for years to come.  We’re working to protect our drinking water and the land owners downstream from more flooding and erosion. 

We all love this City and want to see it grow thoughtfully, with attention to details, and without harming neighboring property owners. 

Thank you all for your help with this journey, and we will keep you informed, for I believe it is not over.  Something will be developed on this land in the future.  I only hope we can sit down with the owners to seek a common sense agreement where all sides can move forward toward a brighter future.


Thomas Corrigan

Ed Thompson2 Comments