Tree City, USA - Why Not Johns Creek?

More than 3,400 communities across the United States have achieved the “Tree City, USA” designation sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation, including every municipality with which Johns Creek shares a border. Duluth has held this distinction for 29 years, Alpharetta for 28 years, Suwanee for 28 years, Roswell for 26 years, Berkeley Lake for 19 years, and Peachtree Corners for 3 years. Even Milton, which incorporated as a city at the same time as Johns Creek, has been designated a “Tree City, USA” community for 9 years.

Is this where we want to follow our city motto of “Be the Exception”?

Johns Creek’s City Council has declared 2019 to be “The Year of Stormwater” (thanks do the diligent work of many community residents - particularly Mr. Tom Corrigan - see here and here), meaning that we are finally going to get serious about combating the increasingly damaging effects of stormwater runoff. These effects have occurred due to the dramatic increase in impermeable surface area that has accompanied rapid development and tree canopy clear-cutting.

If we are prepared to get serious about stormwater management, we need to be serious about preserving our trees and canopy, and apply the brakes to rampant clear-cutting. The benefits will have far-reaching effects, and will help maintain the quality of life in our community. We urge our City Council to consider joining our surrounding municipalities in recognizing and protecting our natural environment.