Letters to the Editor - Unless it's Unanimous, Their Intent is Clear

Letters to the Editor
by Ernest Moosa - Resident, Johns Creek

Unless it’s Unanimous, Their Intent Is Clear

State Route 141 will be widened to six lanes and more in each direction.  It has been the goal of this Mayor and Public Works for five or more years, and the issue is not going to go away.

Tom Black, who ran Public Works before Lynette Baker, floated the idea 5 years ago.  Narrow the lanes and use the shoulder as a third lane.  There was never any mention of safety being impacted by not having a shoulder from Mayor Bodker, Public Works, or others until now thereby resulting in the increase of size of the shoulders by two feet by reducing the lane size from 12‘ to 11‘ as a safety issue.  NEVER has this been raised before.

Today, Public Works is using safety as the rallying cry to narrow the lanes and increase the shoulder size.  If shoulders along roads have become a safety issue, then where are the plans for other roads to have shoulders added, for safety’s sake?  Why did Mayor Bodker refuse to answer Council Member Bradberry’s question about the addition of shoulders on other roads in Johns Creek?

The answer is simple.  This is the first step towards three lanes.  And there are those on City Council who do not care how we get there as long as we do – the ends justify the means.

Rest assured that unless you get a unanimous proclamation that the shoulders along 141 are a safety feature and as such, will never be converted to a travel lane without the addition of a new shoulder, they will be turning them into a third lane.

I challenge this Council to put their words and intent clearly into writing.   

“ Let it be stated clearly that 141 from the Chattahoochee River to McGinnis Ferry Road is made safer by shoulders which allow drivers to pull off in case of emergencies (fire, police, ambulance and vehicle breakdowns) and for cyclists commuting within Johns Creek, and as such, we shall never condone or support the use of the shoulders as a third lane of travel.

In addition, we shall add shoulders on all future projects for the same reasons within the City of Johns Creek.”

Rest assured, this simple resolution would fail.  The first chance Public Works has to move forward with traffic in the newfound space of the shoulder they will. 

Regardless of how it is justified, Bodker and Company will embrace it.  Because in the long run, this is what they seek, and that is how this Council and City Government has functioned since Day 1.

I don’t like how we got there but I like the results”.  We’ve heard that one too many times, haven’t we?  And Public Safety always seems to be the key, even if it is not supported by facts. 

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