Debunking Road Widening Myths #1 - Does Widening Reduce Congestion?

Road congestion is a fact of life in Johns Creek.  It affects most residents on a daily basis, and ranks among the highest concerns in our community.  While there are several options available for us to consider in the attempt to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow, there are also some options that have been proposed that will actually INCREASE congestion.  Specifically, road widening through our residential community has been proposed as a major component of plans to tackle traffic congestion in Johns Creek.  Does it really work?  According to the same consulting firm that has been assisting with the North Fulton Comprehensive Transportation Plan, road widening will make congestion worse.

Kimley-Horn is the lead consultant for Forsyth County for their Comprehensive Plan 2017 - 2037.  Forsyth County is also wrestling with traffic congestion issues, but their primary focus has been on the GA400 corridor.  The link above is provided to their Comprehensive Plan, Section 5.  You'll find their assessment that road widening does NOT fix congestion because the improvements only attract more cars and trips. 

"Multiple studies across the country have proven that adding capacity to highways does not fix congestion in the long term because these improvements only attract more trips and increase vehicle miles traveled."

Don't be misled.  Widening roads in Johns Creek will NOT improve our traffic congestion issues.  Rather, it will attract more traffic and increase congestion, and in the process we will have unalterably harmed the premier suburban residential character that residents came to Johns Creek to enjoy.